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Explosion-Proof Air Conditioner Usage Tips

1. When operating explosion-proof air conditioners, ensure they are connected to a dedicated circuit, avoiding shared use with other appliances. Install circuit breakers or air switches on these circuits and adhere strictly to regulatory standards for power cables and fuses. Unauthorized replacements are strictly prohibited to ensure safety and compliance.

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2. Install a leakage protector, where feasible, with an activation current between 15-30 milliamps and a cut-off time not exceeding 0.1 seconds, to prevent leakage incidents caused by insulation damage.

3. Always utilize designated switches for turning explosion-proof air conditioners on and off. Avoid using the unit’s direct plug-in switches, as this can lead to damage in the control system and potential safety hazards due to broken electrical arcs. Prolonged periods of standby not only consume energy but also heighten the risk of lightning damage.

4. Ensure all electrical plugs are firmly connected. Loose connections can result in poor contact and subsequent damage to the air conditioner.

5. Read and adhere to the instructions provided in the manual carefully. Operate the controls as specified to avoid inadvertent damage through random pressing of the remote control.

6. Make judicious use of the air conditioner’s timing feature. Set it to operate only during necessary times, such as while sleeping or away from home, to optimize energy use and maximize efficiency.



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