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Explosion-Proof Air Conditioner Selection Principles

Based on the level of air system centralization, explosion-proof air conditioning systems are mainly categorized into localized and centralized systems. This innovative model is a compact, fully explosion-proof system that can be flexibly installed in air conditioning rooms or adjacent areas as needed. Centralized systems are primarily used in extensive and multiple hazardous spaces.

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1. In the current market, the selection principles for explosion-proof air conditioning systems must consider the specific environmental conditions, safety performance, and project costs. Safety considerations can be grouped into three areas:

2. When costs are comparable, priority should be given to Class IIC air conditioning products to enhance explosion-proof reliability effectively.
Select a second type of product known for superior explosion-proof performance and reliability. Favor “enclosed” and “positive pressure” explosion-proof structured cooling air conditioning systems.

3. Regarding engineering costs, the principle is to consider overall costs to ensure and improve the safety of the explosion-proof air conditioner while ensuring the most cost-effective solution. In hazardous dust environments, including those with gunpowder, it’s typical to use fresh air explosion-proof systems where fans interact with dust.



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