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Maintenance Methods

What to Do if an Explosion-Proof Air Conditioner Is Noisy

As summer arrives, bringing escalating temperatures, the frequency of using explosion-proof air conditioners also rises. Like any frequently used machinery, these air conditioners aren’t exempt from occasional minor issues, with excessive usage leading to increased noise. To address these concerns, consider the following four troubleshooting techniques:

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1. Verify the source of the noise to confirm it’s indeed coming from the air conditioner.

2. Understand that the contraction and expansion noises from the internal plastic parts as the air conditioner cycles on or off are typical due to temperature variations.

3. Ensure the indoor and outdoor units are securely installed and stable.

4. Inspect the connecting pipes between indoor and outdoor units, ensuring they are fixed properly and not colliding with any external equipment or items.

5. Be aware that when starting or stopping, the refrigerant in the system will emit a louder airflow noise until equilibrium is reached, which is a standard occurrence.

In the current market, the most sought-after explosion-proof heating and cooling air conditioners are widely favored for their cost-effectiveness. When using, note that upon starting, the outdoor unit will activate first while the indoor unit remains idle. This is a normal safeguard to prevent cold air blasts until the indoor unit has adequately warmed up and is ready for operation.



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