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Technical Specifications

Explosion-Proof Type of Automatic Safety Devices in Positive Pressure Protection Systems

In the context of pressurized electrical equipment, continuously monitoring the pressurization protection system stands as a vital step in maintaining the equipment’s explosion-proof safety features. This aspect forms a key characteristic of pressurized electrical devices.

explosion proof positive pressure cabinet
The automatic safety device within the pressurization protection system, tasked with monitoring and managing the system’s operational status, must not become an ignition source for combustible gases. It should either meet specific explosion-proof standards or be located in areas free from explosive hazards. Designers must prioritize this factor in their planning.

When integrating explosion-proof automatic safety devices, designers should follow these guidelines:

1. For “pb” class pressurized electrical equipment, the automatic safety device’s explosion-proof classification can utilize various types conforming to Ga “Ma” or Gb “Ma” protection levels.

2. For “pc” class pressurized electrical equipment, different explosion-proof classifications can be used for automatic safety devices, each corresponding to varying levels of explosion-proof protection.

Moreover, it’s crucial to recognize that various automatic safety devices are indispensable components of the pressurization protection system. They must consistently provide reliable

“service” before, during, and after the system operates. Hence, the power source for these safety devices should not coincide with the main circuit. Ideally, it should be placed before the main circuit’s explosion-proof switch or power switch to ensure uninterrupted service, even in the event of a main circuit power outage.



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