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Technical Specifications

Explosion-Proof Type of Explosion-Proof Lights

Today, we’ll continue our exploration of industrial illumination, focusing on explosion-proof lighting fixtures.


Explosion-proof lights vary based on the protective measures employed. These range from flameproof, increased safety, intrinsic safety, pressurized, encapsulated, oil-immersed, purged, type n, to special types. In this session, we’ll delve into the widely utilized flameproof and increased safety categories.

Flameproof Type

Indicated by the letter “d,” flameproof type entails housing components that may produce sparks or arcs during regular operation within a robust explosion-proof enclosure. This casing withstands the pressure of internal explosions without damage, ensuring that flames and gases passing through its gaps lose energy, thereby avoiding ignition of external gases.

Increased Safety Type

Marked by the letter “e,” the increased safety type ensures that the equipment does not create sparks or arcs under normal conditions. Its design is further fortified for safety, enhancing the overall reliability and security of the equipment.



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