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Installation Method

How to Installation and Wiring Explosion-Proof Operation Columns


Upon receiving the product, first inspect the packaging for any damage or tampering. It is advisable to open the package and check whether the explosion-proof control station’s casing and the components mounted on the panel are exactly what you need. Unscrew the four corner screws to open the unit and check for wiring terminals (some simpler models do not have wiring terminals, and cables are directly connected to the components).

explosion proof operation columns installation and wiring


Determine the installation type (wall-mounted or column-mounted). If it is wall-mounted, measure the distance of the mounting brackets on the back of the explosion-proof control station or place the control station at the desired installation spot and mark the position. Then, remove the station, drill holes at the marked spots on the wall, and secure it using expansion screws.


Run the cables from the bottom or top through a specialized explosion-proof cable gland into the box and connect them to the corresponding terminals.

These steps outline the correct method for wiring and installing an explosion-proof control station. Have you got it?



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