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How To Choose Explosion-Proof Operation Column

When it comes to selecting the appropriate explosion-proof control station, there are several key aspects to consider. Understanding these can guide you in making an informed choice.

explosion proof operation column lcz8030-15


There are various models available, such as BZC, LBZ, LNZ, etc. While these models differ, their control principles and installation wiring are broadly similar. It’s essential to choose based on your specific needs.


The materials used in these stations vary and include stainless steel with a corrosion resistance level of WF2, engineering plastics also rated at WF2 for corrosion resistance, and aluminum alloy known for its excellent explosion-proof properties.


Understanding the units in a control station is crucial. Many people aren’t aware of what these units represent. For example, ‘A’ denotes the number of buttons; ‘D’ indicates the number of indicator lights; ‘B’ signifies the number of ammeters; ‘R’ represents the number of potentiometers; ‘K’ is for the number of changeover switches (two or three positions); ‘L’ for vertical mounting; and ‘G’ for hanging installation.



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