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Explosion-Proof Operation Column Model Meaning

The market offers a wide range of explosion-proof control column models, including LBZ, BZC53, LCZ, BCZ, LNZ, BZC51, LBZ51, among others. For instance, Delixi’s explosion-proof control column model is BLZ51, and the explosion-proof, corrosion-resistant model is LCZ8050, both capable of replacing the aforementioned models.

explosion proof operation column-2
Explosion-proof control columns are comprised of an enclosure equipped with explosion-proof buttons, indicator lights, and switches. Here, we detail the BLZ51-A2D2B1K1 model.

BLZ51-G(L)-A2D2B1K1 Explosion-Proof Control Column:

BLZ51 designates an explosion-proof control column. This part of the model is interchangeable;

The second part, G represents wall-mounted installation, L stands for vertical installation, with Z also indicating vertical installation;

The third part, A2D2K1B1, denotes A2 for two buttons, D2 for two indicator lights, K1 for a selector switch with optional codes, and B1 for instruments such as ammeters and voltmeters, where ammeters should indicate the current ratio.

The LCZ8050 series shares the same aluminum alloy construction as the BLZ51 (though it can also be made from steel or stainless steel welding), designated as explosion-proof and corrosion-resistant.



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