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Technical Specifications

The Difference Between Explosion-Proof Level CT4 and BT4

Explosion-Proof Classification

Condition CategoryGas ClassificationRepresentative gasesMinimum Ignition Spark Energy
Under The MineIMethane0.280mJ
Factories Outside The MineIIAPropane0.180mJ

Class I: Electrical equipment designated for use in underground coal mines;

Class II: Electrical equipment intended for use in explosive gas environments, excluding coal mines and underground settings;

Class II is subdivided into IIA, IIB, and IIC. Devices labeled as IIB are suitable for environments where IIA devices are used; IIC devices can be utilized in conditions appropriate for both IIA and IIB equipment.

Distinctions between ExdIICT4 and ExdIIBT4

They cater to different groups of gases.

Ethylene is the typical gas associated with BT4.

Hydrogen and acetylene are the typical gases for CT4.

Products rated CT4 surpass those rated BT4 in specifications, as CT4 devices can be utilized in environments suitable for BT4, whereas BT4 devices are not applicable in environments appropriate for CT4.



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