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Maintenance Specifications

How To Prevent Loss Of Explosion-Proof Capability In Explosion-Proof Distribution Boxes

1. Explosion-proof distribution boxes must be purchased from reputable manufacturers to ensure their quality is unquestionably compliant with national explosion-proof standards.

explosion proof distribution box
2. It’s imperative to use explosion-proof distribution boxes strictly as prescribed to guarantee their correct and safe utilization.

3. Eliminate improper operation of explosion-proof distribution boxes. The lack of safety awareness and proper training among some employees leads to frequent mishandling or violations. Moreover, production sites are typically flammable and explosive areas, where even high-performance boxes/cabinets can fail regardless of their quality. Therefore, enhancing employee safety training and raising their level of safe operation is crucial.

4. Regular inspection and maintenance are essential when using explosion-proof distribution boxes. Operations must comply with explosion-proof requirements. Incorrect handling can compromise the entire system’s explosion-proof capability.

5. The voltage, current, temperature, and other parameters of explosion-proof distribution boxes should not exceed their rated limits to ensure safe power supply. Special attention is needed for the heating of pipeline joints and the wiring in and out. The surface temperature and temperature rise of the boxes in environments with explosive gas or vapor mixtures must meet specific regulatory standards.

6. Strengthen daily management and maintenance, routinely inspect and record the condition of equipment and wiring, and implement measures for explosion-proof management.

7. Invest in intrinsically safe electronic devices.



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