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What Is the Difference Between Explosion-Proof Distribution Box and Explosion-Proof Control Box

Explosion-proof distribution boxes and control boxes, while distinct, have overlapping functions, each emphasizing different aspects.

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Explosion-Proof Distribution Box

The primary role of an explosion-proof distribution box is in power distribution, supply, lighting, explosion protection, switching, and protecting electrical devices. It allows for the manual or automatic opening or closing of circuits during operation. In case of faults or failures, it can cut off circuits or trigger alarms using protective devices, offering overload, short circuit, and leakage protection. It serves both as an input for power lines and an output for power supply. Mainly focusing on energy distribution, explosion-proof distribution boxes with control functions are also known as explosion-proof control boxes.

Explosion-Proof Control Box

The explosion-proof control box generally serves as a control and interlock device for terminal electrical equipment, sending out or transferring control commands for various devices. These control boxes have multiple functions and can include distribution capabilities. Suitable for various flammable and explosive gas and dust environments, they are used for controlling fire pumps, oil pumps, fire fans, fans, lighting, and various machinery such as mold temperature machines and chillers. They offer various control methods including direct start control, star-delta reduced voltage start control, auto-coupling reduced voltage start control, frequency converter start control, soft start control, among others.



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