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What Should You Pay Attention to When Welding the Explosion-Proof Control Box Shell

Explosion-proof control boxes require electric welding for their explosion-proof steel plates due to their use in hazardous environments, where robust explosion-proof integrity is essential. Adhere to the following guidelines when welding these boxes with thick steel plates:

explosion proof control box-1
1. Operators must wear intact rubber gloves and perform operations standing on an insulated wooden platform. After using or when the power is connected, ensure the MIG welder is turned off and the explosion-proof control box remains securely closed.

2. Wet gloves or handling with wet hands during re-closure is prohibited. Position yourself beside the switchgear during closure and ensure it is secured afterward. Do not start the MIG welder before it has been closed again, and avoid welding on it.

3. The explosion-proof control boxes should resist dirt and water; accumulating debris near the boxes is strictly prohibited. Ensure the area around the MIG welder and control box remains dry.

4. Safety goggles are mandatory during operation.

5. Keep flammable and explosive items away from the work area.

6. Securely handle steel components. Ensure steel is stacked neatly, not overly high, maintaining clear safety pathways.



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