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Technical Specifications

Technical Analysis of Explosion-Proof Control Box

An explosion-proof control box functions by adjusting and changing internal electrical components and primary and secondary circuits, combined with various external devices like sensors, to form electrical control devices with different control, protection, and display functions. This approach reduces the need for repetitive development of different varieties of low-power electrical control boxes to meet diverse needs.

explosion proof control boxThe relay protection performance of an explosion-proof control box includes two-phase or single-phase fast-breaking short-circuit protection in the input circuit, formed by fuses, and comprehensive electronic protection in the output circuit, formed by electronic relays. It uses a two-stage self-recovering, current-limiting, voltage-stabilizing power supply with dual over-voltage, overload, and short-circuit protection features, providing an intrinsically safe power supply with a rated voltage of DC24v.

The explosion-proof control box is equipped with three observation windows, allowing for functions like start, stop, run, fault, and instrument limit settings, facilitating operation and timely troubleshooting. It allows for flexible control method selection via an internal switch. In the case of a single-button lock-style local control, if there is a power outage due to upstream power supply issues, it can automatically resume operation once the upstream power supply returns to normal.

The enclosure of the explosion-proof control box is a rectangular corrugated thin-arch style, divided internally into a main chamber and a wiring chamber, and features an externally latched door cover. The main chamber cover has indicator observation windows, while the wiring chamber cover has a waterproof structure. The wiring chamber can accommodate up to 50 terminal blocks, offering light weight and high strength.



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