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Maintenance Specifications

Selection of Installation Location for Explosion-Proof Distribution Box

An explosion-proof distribution box can operate reliably under the following conditions:

installing explosion proof distribution boxes-2
1. The environmental temperature should not exceed +40℃ as the upper limit and should not be lower than -20℃ as the lower limit, with a 24-hour average not exceeding +35℃;

2. The installation site should be at an altitude not exceeding 2000 meters;

3. The location should be free from significant oscillation, vibration, and impact;

4. The site should have an average relative humidity below 95% and an average monthly temperature above +25℃;

5. The pollution level should be rated as Grade 3.

When installing an explosion-proof distribution box, factors like installation location, environmental temperature, humidity, external impacts, and vibrations must be taken into consideration.



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