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Installation Method

How to Install Explosion-Proof Distribution Box

When installing, please follow the instructions strictly and ensure installation by a professional.

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1. Open the terminal chamber cover, connect the cables through the cable gland to the terminals, ensuring both the internal and external ground wires are correctly connected. After confirming there are no errors, close the cover, secure it with fasteners, and tighten the nuts to seal the cable. The device is ready for use upon completion.

2. During the installation of explosion-proof boxes and in hazardous situations, do not open the cover while the power is on. Extra care must be taken to protect the explosion-proof joint surfaces during maintenance; avoid scratching them. After maintenance, apply anti-rust oil on the joint surfaces, and only use the device after securing it with screws and washers.

3. Regularly inspect the explosion-proof distribution box for any damage to components. The installation inclination of the distribution box should not exceed 5 degrees.

4. If used outdoors, a rain cover should be fitted to prevent water ingress and rust. Install the box in a location with a lower risk of danger, away from collision risks, heat sources, and as much as possible, in a corrosion and moisture-resistant area to extend its service life.



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