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What Should Be Noted Before Installing Explosion-Proof Distribution Boxes

Perhaps many are not yet familiar with explosion-proof distribution boxes, but one of their notable advantages is their exceptional explosion-proof performance. This feature has made explosion-proof distribution boxes increasingly popular.

installing explosion proof distribution boxes
1. Ensure the internal and external joints of the explosion-proof distribution box are secure and regularly check for any loosening of fasteners. Tighten immediately if any loosening is detected.

2. When installing the explosion-proof distribution box, pass the cables through the sealing rings and metal washers, and use a compression nut to ensure a tight seal. Unused cable entries should be sealed with sealing rings and metal washers.

3. Before installing an explosion-proof distribution box, verify that the technical parameters on the nameplate meet the actual requirements of use.

4. Always disconnect the power supply before carrying out any maintenance or inspection of the explosion-proof distribution box.

It’s important to remember these checks before installing an explosion-proof distribution box to avoid installation errors and ensure its proper functioning.



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