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Installation Atlas of Explosion-Proof Distribution Box

Understanding the installation of explosion-proof distribution boxes is crucial for ensuring electrical safety in factories. Knowledge of their installation and wiring diagrams is essential to have a clear understanding of explosion-proof distribution boxes for home use.

Key Considerations:

1. Explosion-proof distribution boxes come in metal and plastic casings, available in surface-mounted and concealed types. The box must be intact and undamaged.

2. Inside the box, the busbar should have separate and intact zero lines, protective grounding wires, and phase lines, all with good insulation.

3. The mounting frame for the air switch should be smooth and unobstructed, providing ample space.

explosion proof distribution box wiring-1
4. Install the distribution box in a dry, ventilated area without obstructions for easy access.

5. The box should not be installed too high; the standard installation height is 1.8 meters for convenient operation.

6. The electrical conduit entering the box must be secured with locking nuts.

7. If the distribution box needs to be drilled, ensure the hole edges are smooth and polished.

8. When embedding the box in a wall, ensure it is vertical and horizontal, leaving a 5 to 6 mm gap around the edges.

9. Wiring inside the box should be orderly and neat, with terminal screws tightly secured.

10. Each circuit’s incoming wires must be sufficiently long and free of joints.

11. Label each circuit with its purpose after installation.

12. Clean any residual materials from inside the distribution box after installation.

Wiring diagrams are indispensable during installation. Several diagrams have been prepared for your reference:

Wiring Diagrams

explosion proof distribution box wiring-2
explosion proof distribution box wiring-3
explosion proof distribution box wiring-4
explosion proof distribution box wiring-5
It’s crucial to diligently learn these wiring methods and precautions, adhering strictly to standards for proper and safe wiring.



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