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Internal Wiring Diagram of Explosion-Proof Distribution Box

Customers often inquire about the internal wiring of explosion-proof distribution boxes. Today, the team at Explosion-proof Electrical Equipment Network shares the following guidelines:

1. The power range of the distribution box is between 7.5 to 10 kilowatts, suitable for using 220-volt fans and power tools. The configuration of the distribution box should be based on these two requirements.

internal wiring pictures-1
2. For a three-phase four-wire leakage protection switch, a range between 63A to 100A is appropriate. For 220-volt leakage protection, a 32A switch is suitable. For 220-volt outlets, 10A for two-pin sockets and 16A for three-pin sockets are recommended.

internal wiring pictures-2
3. Regarding the installation of components, the three-phase four-wire leakage protection switch should be secured using four 4mm bolts and nuts. The 220-volt leakage protection switches and sockets should be mounted on a rail, which is fixed with self-tapping screws.

internal wiring pictures-3
4. Use 6 to 8 square millimeter single-core copper wire for power lines, in red, yellow, and green colors. For 220-volt power supply, use 2.5 square millimeter single-core copper wire in red and blue. The ground wire should be a 2.5 square millimeter green-yellow striped wire.

internal wiring pictures-4
5. For ease of maintenance and use, separate 380-volt and 220-volt supplies. That is, directly connect 220 volts at the power inlet. The power inlet should use a three-phase five-wire system, which includes three phase wires, one working neutral wire, and one safety ground wire.

internal wiring pictures-5
It is hoped that everyone will diligently learn these wiring methods and precautions, adhering strictly to the standards to ensure proper and safe wiring.



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