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Maintenance Specifications

What to Pay Attention to When Maintaining Explosion-Proof Distribution Boxes

Most distribution boxes are made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, carbon steel, and engineering plastic and are used in explosion-prone areas, making regular maintenance of explosion-proof distribution boxes particularly important. Here are some maintenance tips for explosion-proof distribution boxes:

explosion proof distribution box-1
1. Strictly follow the daily operational procedures for equipment operators, and wear clothing with static discharge capabilities. Gloves should be worn during use, and wet gloves should not be used simultaneously.

2. As for the auxiliary tools of the explosion-proof distribution box, check for any damage. If certain tasks have varying degrees of problems, the risk level increases.

3. When inspecting and maintaining various items, pay attention to the explosion-proof distribution box. If it is powered, do not touch it directly with your hands. Also, ensure that the power is disconnected during disassembly and assembly, and use a test pen to check.

The above are the points to consider when maintaining an explosion-proof distribution box, hoping to assist everyone in maintaining their distribution boxes.



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