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Maintenance Specifications

Maintenance Specification for Photovoltaic Explosion-Proof Distribution Boxes

In photovoltaic (PV) power stations, the contribution of explosion-proof distribution boxes to overall power loss is minimal (0.06 yuan/watt), yet their impact on power generation and the safety of the station is significant.

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PV explosion-proof distribution boxes can be likened to a fuse in a PV power station. If there is an issue, the distribution box is the first to know, indicated by tripping. In severe cases, by sacrificing itself, it protects the power station, similar to sacrificing a rook to save the king in chess. Normally, the switches in the box function to disconnect and connect the circuit, and during maintenance, the city power is isolated through the distribution box. Understanding the nature of PV explosion-proof distribution boxes clarifies their maintenance methods:

1. The box should last 20 years: It must be made of stainless steel, ensuring strength and resistance to external damage, and guaranteeing no rust for 20 years, thus maintaining its protective performance. If powder-coated boxes are used, any rust should be promptly replaced to prevent short circuits and potential destruction of the distribution box or even the entire station.

2. Use authentic components: Authentic components offer strong protection and longer service life.

3. Inspect the wiring annually: Every year, check the wiring and insulation for leakage or overheating. Replace immediately if any issues are found.

4. Check the components every six months: Components have a testing function, and a conductivity test should be conducted every six months. Also, the wire-clamping bolts of the components may loosen due to fatigue, so they should be checked and tightened every six months. Replace immediately if any signs of overheating are noticed.

5. Inspect the entire power station: The distribution line is a protective device, and if the quality of the power station is poor, the distribution box will frequently encounter issues.

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For routine maintenance of PV explosion-proof distribution boxes, the following standardized guidelines are recommended:

1. Regularly check the enclosure of the PV explosion-proof distribution box. If any damage to the door lock is found, replace it immediately.

2. Check if the wiring in the distribution box is secure, looking for any looseness, overheating, or discoloration, and address it promptly.

3. Inspect the anti-backflow diodes for damage or cracking.

4. Ensure the lightning protection of the distribution box is functioning correctly.

6. Check for any poor contacts or overheating and burning in the air switch, and replace immediately if necessary.

7. Use insulated tools to prevent short circuits during checks, and have two professional personnel working together for mutual supervision.

8. The insulation resistance of the positive and negative poles of the output bus bar to the ground should be greater than 2 megaohms.

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Warm Reminder:

No matter how well the daily maintenance of a PV explosion-proof distribution box is carried out, it cannot substitute for choosing safe and reliable products at the time of purchase. For instance, the box should have anti-corrosion properties and be fitted with national standard components to ensure the device’s safe and long-term reliable operation. Ensure the installation is secure and protected from water, rain, dust, and moisture. Avoid direct sunlight exposure. Regular inspections are crucial, checking the cables and connections for any signs of overheating or looseness, and tightening them periodically. Promptly replace any abnormal components to avoid further damage.



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