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Installation Precautions for Explosion-Proof Lights

Installation Precautions:

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After purchasing an explosion-proof light, it is important to carefully read the installation instructions before installation and follow them to ensure effective and safe installation. Avoid frequent switching on and off, even though the switch-on cycles of LED explosion-proof lights are 18 times that of fluorescent lights, as too frequent switching can still adversely affect the internal electronic components. When maintaining or cleaning LED explosion-proof lights, be careful not to arbitrarily alter or replace the structure and components of the light. Do not use in excessively humid environments.

1. When installing the light at an angle, adjust the joint and steel pipe’s relative position to ensure the shading board is directly above the bulb.
2. When maintaining the light, make sure to cut off the power supply first.
3. During use, it is normal for the light’s surface to heat up. The center of the transparent component can get quite hot and should not be touched.
4. Only use electrical equipment provided by our company.
5. When replacing the bulb, use one of the same model and power. If changing the bulb model or power, the corresponding ballast must also be replaced.

Other Instructions:

Place the light fixtures into transport light boxes equipped with foam shock absorbers.

During installation and regular use, we must pay extra attention. In case of malfunction, we will immediately call a professional technician for repair. Regular safety inspections of the light fixtures can also effectively ensure our safety during use.



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