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Installation Specifications

How Much Does It Cost To Install An Explosion-Proof Light

The installation cost of explosion-proof lights varies depending on the region, environment, season, and type of light fixture.


For instance, the labor costs differ between Shanghai and Shanxi, affecting installation fees.


The costs vary for installations on high structures in chemical plants compared to drilling rigs.


There’s a difference between winter and summer.

Type of Light Fixture:

Installing standard indoor explosion-proof lights differs from installing explosion-proof streetlights.

Case Study:

Installing explosion-proof lights at a height of 10 meters is considered high-altitude work, requiring aerial work certifications and specialized tools, such as renting a boom lift. These are costs to consider, with each light costing over a thousand yuan. However, if multiple lights are installed, the rental cost can be shared, reducing the cost per light to around five hundred yuan.



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