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Installation Method

How to Install Explosion-Proof Endless Lights

Explosion-proof electrodeless lights are commonly used in production environments or areas where minor explosions occur within production equipment. Many people are likely familiar with these fixtures.

installation of explosion proof endless light

Installation Tips

1. Determine the position and method of installation for the explosion-proof electrodeless lights based on the actual needs of the work site. Prepare a φ8~φ14 mm three-core cable of appropriate length and thread it through a steel conduit.

2. Loosen the compression nut at the cable entrance of the light fixture (pre-fitted during manufacturing and not necessary for post-installation steel conduit use). Introduce the power cable inside, connect and secure it, tighten the cable’s steel conduit and the top cover of the light fixture, and then secure with screws.

3. For bulb replacement, unscrew the cross-head screws that secure the lamp ring, rotate the lamp ring counterclockwise to detach it from the transparent component and the outer casing. Remove the old bulb, replace it with a new one, and reassemble in the reverse order.

These steps are crucial for proper installation and maintenance. When servicing the fixture, ensure that it is done by a professional and that the power is disconnected.



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