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Analysis Of The Reasons Why Explosion-Proof Infinite Lights Do Not Light Up

When using explosion-proof electrodeless light bulbs, a common issue encountered is when the LED beads do not illuminate, often referred to as a “dead bulb.”

explosion proof infinite lights
Most cases may be attributed to the quality of the LED bulb itself, but there can be other causes too. It’s generally noted that, in most instances, issues with explosion-proof electrodeless lights stem from a lack of brightness in all or some parts of the fixture.

1. It could be a malfunction in the switch; if not, it likely points to a defect in the LED driver. In such cases, it’s recommended to replace the driver to maintain the quality of the explosion-proof lighting.

2. Since the power supply of explosion-proof electrodeless lights provides multi-channel constant output, the issue might arise from a defect in part of the power supply or problems in the light core or power board, leading to inadequate power supply.

Of course, there are many potential reasons for these issues, which is why explosion-proof electrodeless lights sometimes have drawbacks.

It’s essential for companies to employ professionals to inspect these products and ensure their quality, reducing the incidence of flaws.



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