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Installation Specifications

What Should Be Noted When Installing and Using Explosion-Proof Lights

When installing explosion-proof equipment, attention to detail is crucial for ensuring safety and functionality. Here are key guidelines:

explosion proof light installation
1. Verify Basic Parameters: Ensure that the specifications listed on the product label match the actual operating conditions.

2. Cable Installation: Route cables or wires through the entry device, securing them with metal nuts or explosion-proof cable clamps and anti-pull devices. Ensure the cable diameter matches the entry device (avoid mismatched cable and seal sizes to maintain explosion-proof integrity). For steel pipe installations, follow national standards for explosion-proof isolation sealing boxes. Unused cable entry points must be effectively sealed.

3. Pre-Use Inspection: Before using the product, inspect all parts and connections for correctness and integrity of seals.

4. Grounding: Ensure proper internal and external grounding of the product.

5. No Live Opening: Strictly prohibit opening the device while powered to ensure the safety of personnel and workspace.

6. Maintenance Protocol: Turn off the power before opening the cover for maintenance. Check all components and replace any faulty parts immediately.

7. Seal and Rust-Proof: Apply sealing strips completely into grooves and evenly coat explosion-proof surfaces with anti-rust oil type 204-1. Tighten all screws securely.

8. Rubber Seal Replacement: If rubber seals or gaskets are aged, cracked, or missing, replace them with materials of identical quality and strength (or as specified by the manufacturer) to maintain the product’s explosion-proof and protective performance.

9. Material Selection: Choose materials carefully during maintenance to ensure corrosion resistance.

10. Routine Inspections: Users should regularly inspect and clean the exterior, checking for paint peeling or corrosion, and apply anti-rust paint where needed. Perform electrical performance tests on the product. It’s recommended to conduct maintenance every six months and a thorough service annually.



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