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Installation Specifications

Installation Precautions for LED Explosion-Proof Lights

With the continuous advancement of LED explosion-proof lighting technology, its applications have broadened significantly. Compared to standard lighting fixtures, LED explosion-proof lights offer superior benefits and are increasingly utilized in industrial, oil and gas, and daily use sectors. However, to maximize their performance, certain key aspects should be considered during the initial installation process. Let’s delve into the crucial installation guidelines for LED explosion-proof lights.

installation of led explosion proof lights

Installation Guidelines:

1. Professional Installation: Due to the specialized nature of LED explosion-proof lights, their installation demands specific technical expertise and standards. It’s essential that only personnel with professional knowledge undertake the installation and calibration process.

2. Product Selection Verification: Ensure that the chosen product meets the necessary requirements. Pay attention to the brand and inspect the physical appearance of the product.

3. Secure Grounding: The installation of explosion-proof lights should guarantee firm attachment. Avoid arbitrary replacement of tightening bolts, and ensure that all spring washers are intact.

4. Cable Entry: The cable and sealing gaskets must fit snugly together. The end of the cable should be circular, with a smooth, defect-free sheath surface.

5. Post-Installation Check: After installation, thoroughly examine the setup to confirm that it is securely mounted and stable.



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