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Maintenance Specifications

Specification For Maintenance Of Explosion-Proof Distribution Boxes

As industrialization accelerates, enterprises are increasingly emphasizing the importance of electrical explosion-proof measures. In industrial production, the use of explosion-proof distribution equipment is growing, and the maintenance of these devices is crucial to their lifespan. So, what standards should be followed in maintaining these devices?

Power Disconnection

A fundamental principle of electrical maintenance is to avoid live power and electric shocks. Therefore, when deciding to carry out maintenance, the first step is to disconnect the power supply and display warning signs to alert people nearby.

Understanding the Situation

Before maintenance, it’s essential to consult with someone familiar with the distribution box’s issues to understand the causes and effects of its malfunction. A preliminary understanding of the box’s circuit design and structure should be acquired before starting the repair process.

External Inspection

Before performing an internal examination of the electrical device, inspect the appearance of the components for any damage. Ensure that the parts to be disassembled are indeed faulty before disassembly, to avoid damaging functional components.

Machine Inspection
After examining the mechanical parts for faults, proceed to inspect the electrical components. Use diagnostic tools to swiftly identify and target faulty parts in the circuitry for repair.



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