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Explosion Proof Distribution Box Faults And Solutions

It is well known that in any industry, no matter how high the quality of a product is, there will inevitably be some malfunctions during use. Many people do not know how to solve problems when an explosion-proof distribution box malfunctions. Below, I will discuss some common faults and their solutions in explosion-proof distribution boxes.

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1. Opening the explosion-proof distribution box during operation is not allowed, and the flameproof surface should not be opened for an extended period. Due to various factors, the flameproof surface may develop rust stains to some extent due to oxidation, leading to an uneven surface and affecting the explosion-proof effect. In this case, the rust stains on the flameproof surface should be sanded off, and rustproof oil should be applied regularly to reduce the occurrence of rust stains.

2. After the installation of the explosion-proof distribution box, it rarely stops running once it starts working. Due to the long period without opening, the bolts on the box are susceptible to rust, causing inconvenience for maintenance personnel. Therefore, lubricating oil should be applied to the bolts of the explosion-proof distribution box during regular maintenance.

3. During long-term operation, the explosion-proof sealing ring on the box cover may deteriorate and become aged, affecting the sealing effect. Users can have the manufacturer replace the old explosion-proof sealing ring with a new one.

4. With prolonged use of the explosion-proof box, the corrosion resistance may decrease due to collisions or natural paint peeling. Users should keep some plastic powder on hand and promptly apply it when they notice paint peeling.

These are the common faults and solutions in explosion-proof distribution boxes. I hope this information can be helpful to everyone.



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