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How to Select Explosion-Proof Junction Boxes

“As we all know, every type of equipment in the market comes in various models, and explosion-proof junction boxes are no exception. To assist you in making a swift and informed decision when selecting an explosion-proof junction box, let’s delve into the specifics of choosing the right model.

explosion proof junction box-5
1. The selection of explosion-proof junction boxes is based on specific criteria, typically considering the explosion-proof grade, sensor supply voltage, and the number of sensors connected.

2. Based on the shape of the explosion-proof junction box, they can be categorized into round, square, and triangular forms. For example, the junction box of an increased-safety explosion-proof motor is round.

3. Depending on the base diameter, explosion-proof junction boxes can be either terminal column type or terminal board type.

4. A crucial aspect to consider is the distance between the four mounting holes at the base of the explosion-proof junction box, which requires precise measurement.

That sums up our guide on selecting the appropriate explosion-proof junction box. Wishing everyone a happy Black Friday shopping experience!”



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