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Installation Specifications

How to Set up Explosion-Proof Air Conditioners to Save Energy

1. When operating explosion-proof air conditioners, avoid setting the cooling temperature excessively low. Lowering the set temperature on the air conditioner increases electricity consumption, so typically reducing indoor temperature by 6 to 7 degrees (cooling at 26-28 degrees, heating at 18-23 degrees) is adequate.

2. Raising the set temperature by 1 degree during cooling and lowering it by 2 degrees during heating can result in electricity savings of over 10%, with the human body barely noticing the minor difference.

3. Upon starting, choose a higher or lower temperature/high heat setting to quickly reach the desired control level. Once the temperature becomes comfortable, adjust the airflow direction to minimize energy use and noise.

4. Keep the “ventilation” switch from being constantly on as it leads to increased electricity usage.

5. Limiting the frequency of opening doors and windows can prevent the influx of external heat, aiding in energy conservation.



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