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Performance Characteristics

Analysis of Three Modes of Explosion-Proof Air Conditioner

Explosion-proof air conditioners, equipped with cooling, heating, and automatic defrosting capabilities, undergo specialized explosion-proof treatment for their compressors and fans and embrace a comprehensive explosion-proof design. These units are primarily utilized in sectors such as oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, scientific research, and the military.

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1. Ventilation

Upon activating the ventilation mode, only the indoor fan motor and damper function according to the preset settings. If the fan speed is set to auto, the indoor fan motor will operate at a reduced speed.

2. Dehumidification

In dehumidification mode, temperature settings are adjusted via remote control. The air conditioner’s mode of operation is determined by comparing the indoor temperature to the preset temperature. If the room temperature is more than 2℃ above the set value, it cools; if it’s more than 2℃ below, it dehumidifies.

3. Defrosting

After running in heating mode for over 30 minutes and when the outdoor temperature is 9℃ greater than that of the outdoor heat exchanger, the air conditioner enters defrost mode post microprocessor analysis. The defrost sequence includes halting the compressor and outdoor fan motor. The four-way valve then cuts off the power, allowing the system to cool for 5 seconds. When the compressor’s run-time exceeds 6 minutes and the surface temperature of the outdoor heat exchanger rises above 12℃, the compressor ceases operation, leading to the final defrosting stage.



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