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What Is the Ideal Temperature Setting for an Explosion-Proof Air Conditioner in Winter

Frequently, people inquire about the heating capacity of explosion-proof air conditioners in winter and the optimal temperature settings for their heating functions. In reality, maintaining the heating temperature of an explosion-proof air conditioner between 18~20℃ is ideal. It ensures comfort, minimizes the indoor-outdoor temperature disparity, conserves energy, and prevents the increased power consumption associated with higher temperatures.

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As the chilly winter season approaches, many users turn to explosion-proof air conditioners for warmth to stave off the cold. Nevertheless, setting the temperature is an art; too much heat can be intolerable.

It’s common knowledge that in the summer, explosion-proof air conditioners are set between 26~28℃, but what about in the winter? Experts recommend a winter setting of 18~20℃ for explosion-proof air conditioners, as people usually wear more layers during the cold. Setting the temperature too high could lead to discomfort and a significant temperature differential between indoors and outdoors, increasing the likelihood of catching a cold upon exiting. Moreover, continuous operation of the external unit escalates the energy consumption of the explosion-proof air conditioner.



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