23 Year Industrial Explosion-Proof Manufacturer

Identification of Explosion-Proof Signs

The main body of explosion-proof electrical equipment is clearly, durably, and distinctly marked. The nameplate is made of materials like bronze, brass, or stainless steel. The markings Ex, explosion-proof type, category, and temperature group are prominently embossed or engraved.

explosion proof level-1

The nameplate contains the following information:

1. Manufacturer’s name or registered trademark.

2. The manufacturer-specified product name and model.

3. The symbol Ex, indicating compliance with professional standards for explosion-proof electrical equipment in terms of explosion-proof type.

4. Symbols of the applicable explosion-proof type, such as o for oil-filled, p for pressurized, q for sand-filled, d for flameproof, e for increased safety, ia for Class A intrinsic safety, ib for Class B intrinsic safety, m for encapsulated, n for non-sparking, s for special types not listed above.

5. Symbol of electrical equipment category; I for mining electrical equipment, and the temperature group or maximum surface temperature (in Celsius) for IIA, IIB, IIC class equipment.

6. Temperature group or maximum surface temperature (in Celsius) for Class II equipment.

7. Product number (except for connection accessories and devices with very small surface areas).

8. Inspection unit mark; if the inspection unit specifies special conditions of use, the symbol “x” is added after the qualification number.

9. Additional markings.



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