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Applicable Scope

In What Situations are Explosion-Proof Lights Used

1. Aerospace and Airport Industry:

When painting civil and military aircraft as well as aerospace equipment, high-ignition fumes and vapors are produced. At airports, due to the influence of fuel mist, maintenance, especially lifting equipment, becomes a potential ignition source. Therefore, devices used in these potentially explosive environments require explosion-proof certification.

2. Oil and Petrochemical Industry:

Explosion-proof equipment is most widely used in the oil and natural gas sectors. For offshore drilling platform equipment, diesel engine explosion-proofing is essential. Forklifts used for loading, unloading, and transporting in drilling platforms must be explosion-proof.

3. Plastics Industry:

Plastic production typically involves various chemical materials. Flammable and explosive chemicals are used throughout the production process, from standard products to oil and gas products. Materials handling equipment used in this environment must be explosion-proof.

4. Pharmaceutical Industry:

Manufacturing environments in pharmaceutical plants contain flammable and explosive dust. Production equipment must be strictly controlled to ensure these devices do not become ignition sources. Explosion-proof equipment ensures these devices operate safely in such environments.

5. Paint Industry:

Materials used in paint production are flammable and explosive. From production workshops, storage to post-production waste management, the paint industry involves explosion-proof protection.

6. Automotive Industry:

The painting process generates high-ignition fumes and vapors, used to protect the painting process of cars, light trucks, buses, and commercial vehicles.

7. Chemical Industry:

The chemical industry, from production and storage to warehousing and transportation, operates in potentially explosive environments. Chemical plants require explosion-proof equipment for handling materials, production processes, and equipment maintenance.



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