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Maintenance Methods

Maintenance Tips for LED Explosion-Proof Lights

Customers often ask how to make LED explosion-proof lights more durable. To address this, let’s discuss a few maintenance tips for LED explosion-proof lights:

explosion proof light bed59-i-12
1. Regularly clean the dust and dirt on the lampshade of LED explosion-proof lights to improve their light output and heat dissipation. Depending on the condition of the lamp housing, wipe it with clean water (above the lamp tube and label) or a damp cloth. Ensure that the power is disconnected when cleaning with water. Avoid using a dry cloth (transparent cloth) to wipe the plastic housing of the lamp to prevent static electricity.

2. Observe the LED explosion-proof light and check if any part of it is blocked by foreign objects. Ensure that the mesh is secure without any loosening, welding, or corrosion. If any issues are found, stop using the light and repair it promptly.

3. Timely replace any damaged components or signs of light degradation to prevent prolonged abnormal functioning of the ballast electrical components.

4. If the light fixture is in a humid environment and water accumulates, it should be promptly cleared, and the sealing components should be replaced to ensure proper maintenance.

5. When opening the lampshade, do so as required and securely close it after.

6. After opening, check the condition of the explosion-proof joint. Ensure that the rubber sealing ring is thick, the wire insulation is intact and free from carbonization, and the insulation and electrical components are not deformed or burnt. If any issues are found, promptly repair and replace them.

7. Use a damp cloth to gently wipe the backlight and brightness of the lamp fixture (not too wet) to improve its light output.

8. Inspect the transparent components for any damage, looseness, welding, or corrosion. If any issues are found, stop using the light and arrange for repair.

9. In case of a damaged light source, promptly turn off the bulb and inform the responsible party for replacement to prevent prolonged abnormal functioning of electronic components such as the ballast.

10. When opening the LED explosion-proof light, follow the instructions and open the back cover after disconnecting the power.

These are the maintenance tips for LED explosion-proof lights, which we hope will help you make better use of them.



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