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The Difference Between Explosion-Proof Fans and Ordinary Fans

The key differences between explosion-proof fans and standard fans lie primarily in the following areas:

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Explosion-proof fans undergo rigorous testing and certification by qualified third-party inspection agencies. They must obtain an explosion-proof certificate before use.

Application Range:

Explosion-proof fans are designed for use in harsh environments with high concentrations of combustible gases, such as coal mines and boiler rooms. Standard fans are suitable only for safe areas.

Explosion-Proof Motors:

While the operational principles of both fans are similar, explosion-proof fans exclusively use explosion-proof motors. These motors ensure no sparks or ignition sources are produced during operation, dispersing combustible gas concentrations below explosive limits.

Internal Casing Materials:

Explosion-proof fans have specific requirements for the materials of the impeller and corresponding internal casing. This is to prevent spark generation in case of friction, such as using aluminum blades with iron casings or iron blades with aluminum linings. If aluminum impellers do not meet strength requirements, galvanized plate impellers with a thin aluminum lining on the shell can be used.

Adhering to stringent production standards, explosion-proof fans ensure safety in hazardous environments. For more information about explosion-proof fans, please contact Shenhai Explosion-Proof customer service.



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