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Why Is the Explosion-Proof Blower Explosion-Proof

The term “explosion-proof” for drum fans refers to their design that isolates electrical components capable of generating sparks, arcs, and hazardous temperatures from the surrounding explosive gas mixtures during operation. This design also ensures no sparks are produced when special situations cause friction with the fan casing, thus maintaining safe production practices.

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Explosion-proof drum fans are generally categorized into two types: one with both the casing and the impeller made of aluminum alloy and powered by explosion-proof motors; and another where the casing is made of iron sheet or stainless steel with an aluminum alloy impeller, also powered by explosion-proof motors. The use of aluminum alloy in friction areas prevents ignition, fulfilling explosion-proof requirements.

Typically, explosion-proof motors like BT4 and CT4 are used, with customization options available for high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and variable frequency. These drum fans are ideal for flammable and explosive environments, such as natural gas transportation.



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