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Technical Specifications

The Fire Hazard of Aluminum Magnesium Powder Is Class A

According to the “Catalog of Hazardous Chemicals” (GB12268), aluminum-magnesium powder falls under Category 4 as a flammable solid, prone to ignition and spontaneous combustion when exposed to moisture.

aluminum magnesium powder
As per the GB50016-2006 “Fire Protection Code for Building Design,” substances that pose a fire risk are categorized as Class A. These are substances that can spontaneously decompose at room temperature or ignite or explode rapidly upon oxidation in air. Facilities manufacturing such Class A hazardous substances must adhere to a minimum fire safety standard of Level 1 or 2. While multi-story buildings are used when necessary, single-story buildings are recommended, and the use of basements or sub-basements is strictly prohibited.



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