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Maintenance Methods

The Necessity and Method of Cleaning Explosion-Proof Air Conditioners


With the onset of summer and rising temperatures, we often instinctively turn on the air conditioning at work for relief. But have you considered deep cleaning your company’s explosion-proof air conditioners? Neglecting regular maintenance can lead to a myriad of issues, notably diminished cooling effectiveness and higher power consumption. This critical maintenance aspect often remains overlooked. Hence, we advocate for the regular cleaning of your explosion-proof air conditioners, a practice validated by national testing bodies. Timely and proper cleaning of each unit can result in a substantial 10-30% electricity savings, with a pronounced effect over time. For instance, removing dirt as thick as 0.2 mm can lead to a 42% reduction in electricity costs. Imagine the daily cost savings and the extended lifespan of your air conditioners! Here are some prevalent cleaning techniques.

Cleaning Techniques:

Initially, switch off the power to your explosion-proof air conditioner and open its casing. Remove the air filter to reveal the evaporator fins, and uniformly spray a specialized indoor air conditioner cleaning agent over the fins. For explosion-proof units, ensure the cleaning agent is evenly applied approximately 5 cm away from the fins. For exceptionally dirty cases, repeat the spraying to facilitate the automatic breakdown of stains. After a ten-minute wait, power on and operate the cooling function for about 30 minutes, allowing the wastewater to be expelled through the drainage, preventing pollution and noticeably improving cleanliness. Post filter reinstallation, you may apply air freshener and lightly dab the surface with a clean tissue for a pristine finish.

A vital reminder: Post-cleaning, ensure your explosion-proof air conditioner is adequately aired. After resting for 10 minutes post-cleaning, activate the fan mode for about 10-20 minutes to disperse any internal moisture.



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