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Technical Specifications

Explosion-Proof Air Conditioner Energy Efficiency Rating

The energy efficiency ratings of explosion-proof air conditioners are a critical regulation established by the government to promote sustained, healthy growth within the air conditioning sector and empower consumers with essential information at the time of purchase. Simply glancing at the energy efficiency label reveals the qualification of an explosion-proof air conditioner. Today, these ratings serve as a pivotal reference for consumers during their air conditioning purchase decisions.

Price Considerations:

The energy efficiency levels of air conditioners in our country span five grades, ranging from one to five, each represented by distinct colors from green to red, and yellow to red. Each figure and hue denotes the product’s respective energy efficiency level. The pricing correlates with the efficiency level, with lower levels generally demanding a higher price.

Power Consumption:

The cooling capacity of explosion-proof air conditioners is intrinsically linked to their power consumption. Every label distinctly displays the manufacturer’s details, specifications, model, input power, and cooling capacity, providing consumers with a clear and immediate understanding of each unit’s energy efficiency. We are well-aware of which air conditioners offer energy savings and which are more efficient. The most energy-efficient level 1 units are priced at a premium, whereas level 5 units, which consume the most electricity, are the least energy-efficient and aren’t permitted for sale if they fall below this level.

For instance, the power consumption of a 3P air conditioner can vary significantly between energy efficiency levels 1 and 5.



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