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Technical Specifications

What Are the Temperature Groups T1 to T6 for Explosion-Proof Equipment

The ignition temperature of an explosive gas mixture represents the maximum temperature at which it can be ignited.
Explosion-proof lighting equipment is categorized into groups T1 to T6, based on the maximum surface temperature of their outer casing. This classification ensures that the highest surface temperature of the explosion-proof lighting equipment in each group does not exceed the permissible temperature for that specific category. The relationship between temperature groups, the surface temperature of the equipment, and the ignition temperature of flammable gases or vapors is illustrated in the accompanying diagram.

Temperature level IEC/EN/GB3836The high surface temperature T of the device [℃]Igniting temperature of combustible substances [℃]Combustible substances
T1450T>45046 types of hydrogen, acrylonitrile, etc
T2300450≥T>30047 types of acetylene, ethylene, etc
T3200300≥T>20036 types of gasoline, butyraldehyde, etc
T5100135≥T>100Carbon disulfide
T685100≥T>85Ethyl nitrate

It’s evident from this that the lower the surface temperature of the casing, the higher the safety requirements, making T6 the safest and T1 the riskiest in terms of potential ignition hazards.



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