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Technical Specifications

What Bulbs Are Used In Explosion-Proof Lights

Both LED bulbs and all-plastic fluorescent lights are viable options. Below are the details of the two types of bulbs for your consideration.

LED Lights


1. Compact size

2. Low power consumption

3. Long lifespan

4. High brightness and low heat emission

5. Eco-friendly

6. Sturdy and durable


1. Lower illumination intensity, not suitable for large area lighting.

2. LEDs also generate heat, necessitating heat dissipation.

3. LEDs can’t be simply used as standard light sources; they must be driven by a power source, requiring coordination between optics and thermal conduction.

All-Plastic Fluorescent Lights


1. The light body is made of high-strength, impact-resistant, high-temperature tolerant, and cold-resistant polycarbonate material.

2. The light body and transparent cover use a snap-fit form for a tighter seal, with specially designed sealing strips and double seals for enhanced protection.

3. Ingeniously designed breathing apparatus in the light body balances internal and external pressure differences, eliminating condensation.

4. Convenient maintenance, with easy access by opening the clasps.

5. Can be fitted with emergency lighting devices upon request, automatically switching to emergency lighting when external power is cut off.


1. Lower luminous efficiency compared to LEDs.

2. Higher power consumption than LEDs.



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