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Maintenance Methods

What to Do if an LED Explosion-Proof Light Malfunctions

If you experience issues with your newly purchased LED explosion-proof lights during use, don’t panic. Here’s how you can troubleshoot with the help of Explosion-Proof Electrical Networks.


1. Initial Assessment: When an LED explosion-proof light malfunctions, don’t rush to dismantle it. First, determine the cause of the problem to address it effectively. Also, ensure to install the light fixture following the provided instructions.

2. Consultation Before Action: After inspecting the LED explosion-proof light, don’t hurry to disassemble it. It’s best to first communicate with the manufacturer’s customer service personnel. If there are no additional issues, then proceed with dismantling the light. This approach helps avoid unnecessary complications later on.

3. Inspection: If everything is normal, begin disassembling the LED explosion-proof light. Generally, malfunctions in these lights are due to issues with the power supply. Check whether it’s the filament that’s damaged or if the filament cover is also affected.

4. Safety Measures Post-Dismantling: Once you have fully disassembled the LED explosion-proof light, remember to insulate and seal off the wires. This precaution is especially crucial in certain environments where there’s a high risk of fire.



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