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What to Pay Attention to When Purchasing Explosion-Proof Fluorescent Lights

1. Power Variations: The lighting options come in various power settings, including 1x8W, 2x8W, 1x16W, and 2x16W.

explosion proof fluorescent light
2. Installation Methods: There are five installation styles to choose from – pendant, flange, ceiling mount, bent rod, and guardrail.

3. Emergency Functionality: An added feature is the emergency function, suitable for a single light only. This should be considered during purchase.

4. Pricing: The listed price generally reflects the pendant installation cost. For other installation methods, specific inquiries are necessary, so buyers should be attentive to this detail.

5. Dust Environment Usage: In dusty environments, the IP protection level of lighting fixtures must be 65 or higher to ensure extended durability. Standard explosion-proof fluorescent lights might not meet this criterion. Buyers need to be aware of this to avoid purchasing unsuitable products.



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