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How Are Explosion-Proof Fluorescent Lights Classified

Explosion-proof fluorescent lights, a leading product in today’s explosion-proof lighting market, are classified based on specific criteria. Understanding these categories is crucial for selecting the right product. Here’s a breakdown:

explosion proof linear light bpy51-ii-16

Classification by Shape:

Straight Tube Fluorescent Lights: Traditional long, cylindrical tubes.
Circular Fluorescent Lights: Loop-shaped, forming a circle.
Compact Energy-Saving Fluorescent Lights: Smaller and designed for energy efficiency, suitable for compact spaces.

Classification by Structure:

Separated Ballast Fluorescent Lights: Featuring an external ballast.
Self-Ballasted Fluorescent Lights: Incorporating an integrated ballast within the light.
For instance, the T5 explosion-proof energy-saving light (including T8 to T5 models) falls under the category of straight tube, self-ballasted explosion-proof fluorescent lights.

These classifications, based on shape and structure, allow for customization to various environments, ensuring safety and efficiency in areas with explosive risks.



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