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What Are the Types of LED Explosion-Proof Lights

LED explosion-proof lights come in various types to cater to different lighting modes. Here’s a look at the categories of LED explosion-proof lights:

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LED explosion-proof lighting solutions typically encompass various categories, including floodlights, spotlights, tunnel lights, street lights, ceiling lights, and platform lights. Each type boasts a specialized light distribution technique, providing consistently uniform and gentle illumination. In the following sections, we will delve into the unique characteristics of these diverse LED explosion-proof lighting categories.

LED Explosion-Proof Floodlights:

These floodlights are omnidirectional point light sources, evenly illuminating in all directions. Their coverage area can be adjusted as needed, typically forming an octahedral shape in the scene. Previously popular in graphic design, LED explosion-proof floodlights are increasingly used in many settings. Multiple floodlights can be deployed to achieve optimal effects.

LED Explosion-Proof Spotlights:

These spotlights focus light and are also known as spotlights. They can aim in any direction and withstand weather conditions, making them suitable for large areas, especially outdoors. Spotlights have various beam angles, and their bodies can rotate 360° horizontally with an elevation range of -60° to +90°. With parabolic reflectors, they have high reflectivity and can reach distances of up to hundreds of meters when used for long-range lighting.

LED Explosion-Proof Tunnel Lights:

Designed specifically for tunnels, these lights consider factors like length, shape, interior, road type, pedestrian paths, connecting road structures, design speed, traffic volume, and vehicle types. They also take into account the light color, fixtures, arrangement, lighting level, external brightness, and eye adaptation. The design of LED tunnel lights involves numerous factors, tailored to each unique setting.

LED Explosion-Proof Street Lights:

These lights are directionally emissive, almost always equipped with reflectors more efficient than those in other fixtures. The aim is to use this directional light to illuminate specific areas of the road, with the fixture reflectors assisting in achieving a comprehensive lighting distribution. LED street lights can achieve secondary distribution based on the height and width of the road. Their reflectors serve as a tertiary means to ensure even road illumination.

LED Explosion-Proof Ceiling Lights:

Mounted on ceilings, these lights have a flat upper part, appearing as if they are adhered to the ceiling. Suitable for overall lighting, they are often used in low spaces, corridors, and passageways.



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