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Recommended Models for Explosion-Proof Fluorescent Lights

For those interested in explosion-proof fluorescent lamps, you’ll notice that there are quite a few models available. Today, let’s look at three recommended models of explosion-proof fluorescent lamps.

1. BYS Series Explosion-Proof All-Plastic Fluorescent Lamp

explosion proof linear light bys-ii-14
1. The housing is made from SMC molding, offering high strength, impact resistance, and corrosion resistance. The lampshade is made from polycarbonate by injection molding, ensuring high light transmittance and strong impact resistance.

2. Features a curved sealing structure for enhanced waterproof and dustproof capabilities.

3. Equipped with a specially designed ballast by our company, boasting a power factor of φ≥0.85.

4. Includes an internal isolating switch that automatically cuts off the power when the product is opened, enhancing safety.

5. Can be equipped with an emergency device upon request, switching to emergency lighting when the emergency power supply is disconnected.

6. Suitable for steel pipe or cable wiring.

2. BLD180 Explosion-Proof Fluorescent Lamp

explosion proof linear light bpy96-ii-13
1. Aluminum alloy die-casting housing with high-voltage electrostatic spray painting, ensuring corrosion and aging resistance.

2. Designed with computer-simulated light distribution using optical-grade lens material for high light transmittance.

3. Externally mounted power supply with full glue sealing, wide voltage input, high protection performance, natural air cooling to efficiently dissipate heat, ensuring long lifespan.

4. Stainless steel exposed fasteners offer high corrosion resistance.

5. Uses new energy-efficient and environmentally friendly LED light sources with minimal light decay and a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours.

6. Special constant current power supply with low power consumption, stable output power, short-circuit, over-temperature protection, and a high power factor of over 0.9.

7. Industrial design with a simple appearance, including a mounting bracket and angle adjustment device for easy installation and adjustable lighting direction.

3. BPY51 Series Explosion-Proof Fluorescent Lamp

explosion proof linear light bpy51-ii-16
1. Aluminum alloy die-casting housing with high-voltage electrostatic spray painting.

2. High-strength tempered glass transparent tube.

3. Stainless steel exposed fasteners.

4. The fixture is equipped with a grid to enhance light efficiency and reduce glare.

5. Uses well-known brand fluorescent tubes for long life and high light efficiency.

6. Features an electronic ballast with a high power factor, COSφ≥0.95.

7. Modular plug-in design allows for easy tube replacement by opening the end cover and pulling out the core.

8. Emergency device-equipped fluorescent lamps automatically switch to emergency lighting when the power supply is disconnected.

9. The emergency device includes a specially designed overcharging and over-discharging protection circuit.

10. Suitable for steel pipe or cable wiring.



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