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Model And Price Of Explosion-Proof Distribution Box

Customers often ask about the types and approximate prices of explosion-proof distribution boxes. To address these inquiries, let’s discuss the models and pricing of explosion-proof lights, hoping to assist everyone.

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Model Analysis:

Explosion-proof distribution boxes are categorized based on classification into IIB and IIC levels.

In terms of materials, these boxes come in aluminum alloy, steel plate welding, and stainless steel.

Functionally, explosion-proof distribution boxes are divided into:

1. CXM Explosion-Proof Lighting Boxes

2. CXD Explosion-Proof Power Boxes

3. BXK58 Series Explosion-Proof Control Boxes

4. BSG Series Explosion-Proof Distribution Cabinets and BPG51 Series Positive Pressure Explosion-Proof Cabinets

5. BQX Series Explosion-Proof Star-Delta Starters

6. BQP Series Explosion-Proof Frequency Converters

7. BQJ Series Explosion-Proof Auto-Transformer Reduced Voltage Electromagnetic Starters

8. BXS Series Explosion-Proof Maintenance Power Socket Boxes

Price Calculation:

1. Understand the components of a standard distribution box, which generally includes: isolator switches, plastic-shell circuit breakers, miniature circuit breakers, surges, busbars, terminals, insulators, casings, indicator lights, and connecting conductors. List these items for a cost breakdown.

2. Based on tender requirements, determine the level of components and casings. For example, for joint venture brand components, choose brands like ABB or Schneider Electric. Then, get quotes from brand distributors based on your list. Sum up the total cost of components, add a factor based on your production and management costs plus desired profit, and then provide an external quote.

Explosion-proof distribution boxes are significantly more expensive than standard ones, usually priced based on wiring diagrams. The design of explosion-proof boxes is done according to the wiring diagram, including the cost of the casing, components, ancillary materials, and labor.



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