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Are LED Explosion-Proof Lights Waterproof

Waterproof Performance:

LED explosion-proof lights boast excellent waterproof capabilities. All our fixtures are rated IP66, ensuring they perform flawlessly outdoors in various weather conditions, whether it’s light, moderate, or heavy rain, as long as they are correctly installed.

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Waterproof levels are typically denoted by the IP code, ranging from 0-8, with different performance levels requiring different tests. Most companies’ lights are rated between IP65 and IP66; IP65 indicates that the LED explosion-proof light is unaffected by water jets from any direction, while IP66 means the light can operate outdoors in heavy rain without issues.

Selection Criteria:

Explosion-proof is a performance requirement for LED explosion-proof lights. According to standard requirements, we usually produce increased safety type explosion-proof lights with high protection levels to meet both waterproof and explosion-proof needs. Some unethical manufacturers misrepresent waterproof LED lights as explosion-proof lights, claiming they meet both waterproof and explosion-proof requirements, which is incorrect. Water ingress in fixtures can cause short circuits, leading to fires, and using inappropriate explosion-proof lights in hazardous areas can lead to explosions and casualties. Thus, explosion-proof and waterproof are distinct concepts, and customers must specify the required parameters for explosion-proof lights.

Some LED explosion-proof lights now use high protection treatment in the light source chamber, employing silicone rubber strips and an aluminum alloy casing with multiple bolt compression methods to meet waterproof requirements. For explosion-proof aspects, they are designed according to increased safety standards, with corresponding tests conducted on electrical clearances, creepage distances, and insulation performance.



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