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Technical Specifications

Use of LED Explosion-Proof Lights in Cold Storage

With the rapid development of LED lighting technology, many chemical plants, refineries, steel mills, ironworks, and pharmaceutical parks in China have replaced traditional explosion-proof metal halide lamps with LED explosion-proof street lights. Especially as high-power LED beads have surpassed a luminous efficacy of 110lm/w, the trend of using explosion-proof street lights for road illumination has gained widespread recognition.

Despite the swift advancement in LED street lighting technology, most manufacturers have overlooked the specific technical specifications required for cold climate applications. A common misconception is that LEDs are beneficial for heat dissipation and less prone to common faults in cold storage areas. However, cold storage environments impose stringent technical specifications on LED street lighting.

Technical Specifications:

1. Cold storage areas have lower average temperatures and significant, rapid temperature fluctuations. Long-term operation in extremely low temperatures demands high-quality components.

2. LED street lights used in cold storage areas must consider measures to prevent ice formation.

Due to these reasons, the widespread application of LED street lighting in cold storage areas requires addressing several core technical issues.

Core Issues:

1. Temperature transitions due to thermal shock can lead to the failure of LED components.

2. Ensuring the reliability of LED drivers operating at extremely low temperatures.

3. The feasibility of LED street lighting drivers functioning in extremely low-temperature software environments.

To address these issues, Shenhai Explosion-Proof has specifically launched a special edition of LED explosion-proof street lights (cold-resistant) to solve the problems faced by LED explosion-proof lights in cold storage areas. For more details, contact customer service.



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